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About Me: My name is Jane, 20. This is everything I love and everything I hate. Look around or stop by for a chat. I am always here for anyone that wants to vent or swap stories. Music I am currently obsessed with include passenger, bon iver, arcade fire, jezabels, strokes, lana del rey, big scary, cold war kids, husky, the drums, oh hellos, lumineers, bb king, beatles, the occasional glee song and the magical triple j like a versions.


everyone complains about how hard math is but personally I like math better than english and reading like wtf give me a derivative to calculate not a book

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Steve Jobs’ speech at Stanford University - June 2005

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How to keep yourself safe from iCloud hackers. Please make sure your auto photo sharing is turned off so that others don’t fall victim to having their photos stolen like those poor celebs.

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we, as women, need to stop pretending we can change men. we have this mentality that we can transform a fuckboy into a gentlemen, and that’s just not how it works. once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy. don’t waste your time on a man who won’t waste his time on you

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